Sunday, July 13, 2003

My friend P

Last night, at work, I had to do a sort of mini-intervention with my friend P, because Jason, Amber and I truly came to believe that if he left work in the state he was in he would take another bottle of Xanax and wash it down with Whiskey and be dead by Monday. It was a rather scary place for us all to be, and it's only because I trust his word that I let him leave the building alone.

Hopelessness is the disease he suffers from. Hopelessness which leads to depression. Depression which leads to despair. Despair which leads to suicide. Lord, help me to teach him to hope. (What a daunting task).

How does life get so out-of-whack? Children do not start out convinced that life holds no good thing for them. How do we so mess up ourselves and our lives that we come to TRULY believe that there is NEVER going to be any good for us anywhere??? I don't understand.

I get depressed, but it isn't a CONSTANT state. I fall in, I climb out. But Phillippe seems to live in this emotional pit from which he cannot see any light, and therefore doesn't believe in the light.

Dear GOD, please reach out into the life of my friend P and show him, in some way, that there IS a reason to hope. In the name of Christ. Amen.

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