Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sean's Neuro-Psychological Tests



And slight Dyslexia along with his Dysgraphia (which was what he was being tested for for the school). These are all clustered under the Aphasia kinds of disabilities.


That is the easy part. The difficult part is the discrepancy between the left and right hemispheres of his brain. In IQ, the Language side of the brain scores 32 points higher than the non-language of the brain. This is right hemisphere impairment. She stated that this kind of differential from side to side is not seen very often. She asked me if he was Hypoxic at birth, I told her no (he was never below 60% oxygenated). We talked about the time when the 14 year old threw the brick over the fence in Austin and hit him in the head. He touched where the scar is and she felt that wasn't it either. She is going to refer him for an MRI.

The good news is this will get him services at school. The bad news is she suspects a brain injury.