Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My sister, Sharon...

Last night we lost my oldest sister, Sharon. She was only 66. Your sisters and your entire family will miss you so much. You were truly, as Heidi said, love incarnate. The beating heart and soul of your family. Everyone who has ever known you will miss you dearly. Say hi to my momma, our mom and dad and your own beloved mom and sister for us all!!! Rest in the glorious peace you so totally deserve.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cycles, Doors, Keys

Cycles of life...Doors & keys. You walk through a door to where you do not want to be and you stand there, holding the key, longing to go back in.

You start walking, looking back often, the key held to your heart, next to the longing to go back to what you knew and loved.

What's back behind that door shifts and changes, going on without you...as you go on in your live, outwardly moving on, inwardly holding that key, that longing, next to your heart.

Then, one day, a day you knew was coming, a day you braced yourself for happens, forcing you to open your hand to look at the key held there. Forcing you to face the reality that there is nothing that key to that door holds for you anymore and you MUST let it go...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Suspended timelessness...

I live a busy life. I don't know how my life got so busy, but it is what it is. Laundry, dishes, feeding the grandchild, water aerobics, visiting friends and family, I am on the go a LOT of the time...

I have some friends with a boat. They have invited me out on their boat, and I really like it. I went once toward the end of the season last year and then this year I've already been out with them 3 times. I've posted pictures on Facebook that I took of my first time out on Deer Lake and Long Lake.

Today we went back to Long Lake. It was almost picture perfect weather. We'd dropped out of the 100s and 90s and the temperature didn't hit much above 84 degrees. I'd taken a ton of pictures last time we were there so I didn't have my camera even out of my bag. We just skimmed the lake, stopped occasionally, skimmed the lake some more and basically relaxed. And then it happened...

I can't see my phone or my watch because of the glare on the lake so I didn't have my phone out or my watch on. I wasn't time driven, in other words. And I was overtaken by this sense of suspended timelessness. Not knowing what time it was made it feel like we'd been out on the lake all day, and that we would always be on the lake. It was positively blissful to feel that disconnected from the demands of/driving nature of "time" and "things that have to be done". 

For the first time in many weeks I felt totally, 100% relaxed. This is not a state I have achieved much in my lifetime. Floating clouds, blue skies and a rocking boat are an amazing relaxant. Stepping out of my "driven" life was a glorious thing. I am so thankful to have had that experience. A feeling of such oneness with nature, the lake, the sky, the people in the boat. Wow, what a great day. Thank you, my friends, for taking me along and including me in such peace and beauty and bliss.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


October of 2014 was my last post...about bathtubs...LOL

I am now 30 months past the day my life fell apart and I moved out of the house I loved and left the  man I loved more than sense dictated that I should. I wouldn't relive that first year alone for all the money in the world...so much pain, emoting, crying, smashing things, ripping things, trashing things. Thank God for my cat who would crawl up on my chest and lick the tears off my face and put her paw on my face as she butted my chin with her head. 

Year two was not as angst ridden. Lots of moments where I lost it, where I just wanted to scream and run and punch things, but, for the most part, I was finding my own balance, my own inner equilibrium. I was beginning to move through it all...I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far away it looked. 

I am now in year three....Good God where does time go?...and there came a month, I think it was March, when I looked up and realized...the light at the end of the tunnel is here and now. I am no longer shredded by seeing him (we share kids, there is ALWAYS seeing him). I can hear "our song" without falling into a puddle of tears. I can think of our life together and not ache so badly that I want to crawl into a hole. I have a life. It's full and busy and I've even been dating!!!

When I left him, the man I thought of as the love of my life and my soul mate, I did a lot of research into how long it was going to take before I stopped thinking of him and aching for him every single second of every single day and the wisdom said about 1 full month for every year you were together. We were together 23 years...They were pretty close, those wise psychologists whose blogs I read avidly as I fought one of the most emotional battles in my life. 

I am thankful, so utterly thankful, to be here where I am now. To be at a place where I am enjoying my full and rich life full of friends (a special thank you to my BFF, Sheila, who is always there for me) and water aerobics and work and coworkers who ROCK the universe and family who stood by me while I grieved and didn't put me down for it (thank you to my children, Bethany, Amber (yes, even you were pretty gentle with me all things considered), David, Jeremy, Michael and Sean for letting me slog my way through the insanity of grief and pain without letting me fall off the edge of the earth, and a special thank you to my Daughter-in-Law, Tamara, for always asking me how I was, always caring, always letting me fall apart when it got so damn painful), without all of you I would never have made it through year 1. I am so blessed.

Onward into my new life!!!! May you all travel it with me!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On bathtubs and bathing...

I have almost always hate bathing. I see it as akin to soaking dirty dishes in water. Ick...and I have avoided baths most of my life.

The house at 2519 W College Ave where I grew up, intermittently, did not have a shower. It had a claw footed bathtub, where I bathed until 1 month before I turned 13. Then I went to live with my father and step-mother and from that time on we had the "modern" kinds of bathtubs that don't hold a candle to a claw-footed tub in depth/length/comfort. I stopped bathing at that time.

Throughout my life I heard people wax eloquent about the relaxation of baths...I laughed at the thought. 

Then we moved into the Lincoln house up here in Spokane. It only had an enclosed, claw-footed tub. We learned to deal with bathing instead of showering (although I had to be taught how to sit down in a tub again - crazy!!!). 

And then, three moves later, I moved here, to The Daniels apartments, which also only has a claw-footed tub. And I finally learned why people like these things...

Epsom-salt baths by candlelight are very soothing. Add music and a drink, or your Kindle and a cup of coffee and it becomes almost spa-like. 21 months of bathing in unlimited hot water, paid for by my apartment complex, where you can let the water run after you get in the tub and therefore keep it hot, has been amazing as I negotiated the emotional morass of my divorce and beyond and the pain of my hurt foot and knee. 

Now we have applied for a new apartment that only has that molded, one-piece, modern kind of tub that makes bathing a waste of time...and I realize...I'm really going to miss this...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are trying to raise money to move!!!!

My son's fiancé is living in a very unstable place for her where she was supposed to be out by the birth of the baby. We've managed to get more time given to us, but it is a matter of weeks before she has to begin sleeping on other peoples couches and dragging the baby/stuff along with her.

My son is also in a very difficult living situation and could be asked to leave at any moment.

Today, a government sponsored apartment house that we are on the waiting list for, called me for an apartment coming open on the first of September!!! We need to raise the $120 application fees in 24 hours. The rest (first/last/deposit) we have a couple of weeks to raise.

The rent is $700. We need first/last and a $700 deposit. Plus enough to rent a truck and put gas in it to move all 3 of us from 3 different parts of the city. Plus the application fees.

I have been unemployed for 5 months which puts us in a huge bind. Before that my son, his fiancé, and their baby girl, Bethany-Rose, born August 2nd, and I were going to move in together. All that was shelved when I lost my job. We had hoped I would get another job more quickly than I did, but it took longer...I am starting my new job on Monday, August 8th. I will not even see my first paycheck until the first week of September.

Thank you for even considering helping us!!!

Update: We have raised the application fee!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tangible things...

1 year, 6 months and 20 days ago I moved out of my home with my husband and my sons and into my own little apartment. That same evening I went grocery shopping for myself for the first time...possibly ever. One of the things I bought was a container of Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Tonight I ran out of that exact bottle...

I have learned much in this 18 months and 20 days, some of it unlike anything I've learned before, and mostly about myself. I've face fears and taken on challenges, both real and emotional, and I've survived it all, and...

I was actually doing really well until March, when I lost my job. That complicated things so very much. I'm hanging on by the skin on my teeth (where did that saying even come from, anyway???) but it's getting more and more difficult every month without a job. To say I've become an even better money juggler is an understatement...

But I have learned that I am a survivor. Whether I want to be or not, whether I feel like it or not, I simply cannot make that decision that I've seen some other people make to "give up" and let life happen to them. I am seeking work daily. I am interviewing almost weekly. I'm attending classes mandated by the unemployment office and learning. And I'm walking and seeking better health choices. And I pray...a lot. Because I cannot "make" someone hire me. I can only dress myself up and offer myself...the rest is up to them...

If you would, pray with me and for me? Surviving is so damn difficult these days. I'm tired, and I'm faltering, and I can use all the help I can get...Thank you.