Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I have a #Resist Trump bumper sticker on my car. I live on the red side of a blue state. I thought I would be honked at, keyed or rear ended by now, but that hasn't happened thankfully.

I saw my bumper sticker today and realized it doesn't just stand for #Resist Trump to me. It stands for resisting oppression and corruption, racism and misogyny in all forms, discrimination and aggression to control people. 

#Resist is the call that is pulling people from all walks of life together to stand against the corruption and inertia of government. A new movement is rising.

Be the force that changes the world!!! Read y our constitution. Learn your amendments. Study US Economics and Government...BUT...Go beyond this. Study Global Economics, different governmental systems than what we use. Different cultures and peoples and faiths. 

Dive into the wonders of the entire world. Open your heart and mind and see where people come from and how they become who they are. Realize that the human race is a wondrous place full of so much of what we consider the American Dream: A place to live, enough food to eat, safe schools and streets, education for our children, the right to worship without fear of reprisal. In opening ourselves to the wonders of others, we truly can become an American that understands what others feel and think and learn and live. And that, my friend, will make us all better people.