Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is GOD exclusively masculine?

i am amazed that people have issues with anything "feminine" about the attributes of GOD to be honest. every woman i have ever known, except maybe 2, have had issues because of the adamant stance of the church on GOD being totally masculine. this is utterly alienating to some women. thankfully i have had a few really good jewish friends along the way who have reassured me that in the hebrew language GOD was never just this masculine being.

one described creation as GOD the father created and GOD the Holy Spirit (ruach/shekinah/spirit) breathed the breath of life into them. because i was one of the women who felt alienated by this dominating/patriarchal/dispassionate GOD this has always been a help to me. but other women seem threatened by the concept that there is any feminine in GOD. to which i would say, look in a mirror. in the image of GOD he created them....male and FEMALE he created them. if there wasn't a divine female image, then why do women exist at all?

Monday, February 18, 2008

My week...

i received a dozen roses from my husband for valentines day. first flowers in 17 years. then we fought all day over something stupid. sigh

our newest kitten was in heat the end of last week which was sincerely annoying. she has siamese in her which you rarely hear UNTIL she goes into heat. OMG.

saturday was OMG busy at the Y. non-stop from beginning to end...thankfully Tara gave me a ride home.

i'm at work.

this weekend i was taken by my son and daughter-in-law to Top Nails to have "acrylics" put on and then to lunch at Red Robin. it was "hamburgers benefit the Vanessa Behan crisis nursery" so we all had hamburgers and endless fries. jeremy had freckled lemonade. tamara had dr. pepper. i had tea and then a vanilla milkshake. i unwittingly mentioned my birthday and so the place clapped and sang to me and gave me a chocolate sundae (which jeremy and tamara shared because i couldn't handle it with my shake) and 2 birthday balloons (which my cats pulled down from the ceiling and popped in the night). then they took me to safeway because my kitties was out of food. then home.

i bought a new desk that couldn't handle the weight of the monitor so we tore that apart and moved the ugly white plastic one down from upstairs.

i got a dust buster for my birthday (early) and dust busted my way up the stairs to my room and dust busted the chair emmy (our long-haired cat who is no longer with us) used to love. and every corner.

today is hubby's birthday so i ordered him a black forest cake and a small balloon boquet which i will pick up on the bus at safeway after work. (he was all pouty that i got to go out and it isn't even my birthday till thursday).

it snowed again this morning...just a light dusting thank GOD.

i chatted with my youngest daughter in texas on my lunch hour.

ok...that's about it i guess unless you want to know that i did 2 loads of laundry and dishes this weekend.