Friday, July 11, 2003

Jeff is losing his shop!!!

We saw David standing outside Jeff's shop talking with Jeff and another man and we stopped to say hello. That's when we learned that Jeff is losing his shop. Someone evidently embezzeled or laundered the $50,000 Jeff put up for the shop. So now they can't meet payroll or bills. Sigh. They are in the process of moving as we speak.

While I was there, David mentioned I should move in by him. 2 bedroom, $595 a month all bills paid. I think I could actually do that on my own but the problem is we ALL work 3rd shift. which leaves the boys alone all night. Sigh.

Jason wants me to move in with them but I worry about the boys. To be honest, the IDEAL solution is for Jon to be fired, me to live with Amber and Jason and the boys to go to his parents with him. That way I can save for the move to Washington state next summer. Either living with Jeremy and Tamara or Bethany and David. Hopefully till I get a job and get on my feet. Sigh. It's horrid to be the mother and to need so much help to "get away"!!!

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