Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good thoughts...

From the Simple Dollar Blog:

Today Is the Day

Posted: 22 Feb 2010 12:00 PM PST

Today is the day to tell your wife that you love her.
Today is the day to call your mother and chat with her for an hour.
Today is the day to send your dad a note.
Today is the day to get in touch with that friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
Today is the day to call up a special person and set up a date.
Today is the day to stop by your grandmother’s house with a sack full of groceries and make dinner for her.
Today is the day to visit that old family friend who helped you so much when you were younger.

Not Valentine’s Day. Not Mother’s Day. Not Father’s Day. Not someone’s birthday. Not Christmas.

The value a person has in your life is never really shown on a “special” day marked on a calendar and observed with a greeting card and a slickly-wrapped present. It’s shown with a few minutes (or an hour or two) of your time on a day when they don’t expect it. On a day when they’re merely in your thoughts.

Build those relationships now before the chance is gone.
Build those relationships now and they’ll pay dividends for the rest of your life.
Build those relationships now so that you can have someone to always share every exciting moment and success in your life with.
Build those relationships now when times are good so they’ll still be there when the times are bad.

I’m stopping right now so you can take the few moments you might have spent reading a longer post to instead do something to build a valuable relationship in your life, because it will often be those very relationships that are there for you when the chips are down.

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greyone40 said...

I did call my mother yesterday, and we talked for 58 minutes, which is near an hour.
Friendship is a great thing, and the best thing about it is that you don't have to "work" at it. It is built pretty much without effort, because everthing is enjoyable. Always a pleasant surprise to find someone who shares an interest, and then can become a companion even beyond that interest.