Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the "End Times"...

From another friend: Once you see how the end times fit with the end of the old covenant ... then everything in scripture makes *sense* and falls into place.

Then the fear is gone ... for once we see that we live in the new heavens and
new earth (same thing as new covenant), and that the Kingdom comes NOT by observation (can't see it), but is at hand, here and now, in our midst, within us, IOW, a spiritual reality that transcends the physical ... then we can stop waiting for some extra-biblical "utopia" to descend upon us, WAKE UP and realize that our physical world is what WE make of it (we are co-creators) ... and we are not victims, but participants ... and we can become responsible for the choices we've made thus far (whether individually or collectively, whether knowingly or ignorantly), and *choose again*...!

Christianity = Insanity, in my book. A man-made construct that causes the traditions of man to nullify the Word of God (which is not a bound book, but the still, small Voice within us -- for if the Kingdom is within us, SO too is the King!).

We have been duped by the traditions of man ... but we can have eyes to see,
ears to hear, and we can not only enter the Kingdom (awaken to who we really are IN Christ), but be contagious, inviting others to awaken, too.

We DO, here and now, have the Mind of Christ.
~ Dena Brehm


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MysticBlueRose said...

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