Friday, January 8, 2010

God thoughts...

We've been having a discussion on and egroup I belong to about the existence of GOD. Because so many of us have had our conceptualizing of GOD shaken by the path we are on. This was how I responded:

I think I am "luckier" than most in that I knew GOD before I ever met a
Christian or saw a Bible. I knew her in the woods near my home. In the river in that woods. She told me bedtime stories at night. Comforted me in the dark. I know there is "something" beyond us. Is it a man in a white robe with a long white beard sitting on a platinum/jewel encrusted throne? Doubtful. But there is something. A energy...a consciousness...a something" beyond us that created/creates us and sustains us (us as in the entire Universe). That is the very molecules we breathe/are/eat/see. Am I a traditional Christian" anymore at all? Sigh. Doubtful by all of the definitions. Do I believe there was a man named Y'shua that lived a fuller, more GOD imbued/indwelt life than most? Yes. Just like there was a Buddha that lived a more GOD imbued life than most. And, maybe, a Mohammed that lived such a life. When you plug in to the Divine (think the Matrix in reverse)...into the life/power/mind of the universe, there is something there that infinitely changes you...whoever YOU are.


Rose said...

Insightful post, but I am wondering why Mohammed gets a maybe?

MysticBlueRose said...

Mohammed gets a maybe because I'm still twitchy about some of his followers and his own book makes me nervous. I may get there, Rose, but I'm not there yet.