Friday, January 8, 2010

My Dr. Who/God analogy...

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Who is a Time Lord on BBC Television, untethered by time and space. I am not an old school Dr. Who watcher, I started watching the year that Christopher Eccoleston was the Dr., so I don't have a lot of history of the show in my mind. And, to be honest, I liked Christopher Eccoleston, but Dr. Who REALLY came alive for me when David Tennant took over the role. I found myself having GOD moments while watching him...

Much is made of his loneliness. He is a Time Lord. He cannot die. If he is in a relationship with you, there will always be sorrow ahead when you die and he does not. And yet, he continually seeks relationship, driven by the need to not be alone. That kind of made me think of how I was first taught the "why" of why GOD created human beings...because he was lonely. So that was my first GOD thought, but it wasn't the one that really took hold of my heart/mind...

It is the way David Tennant portrays Dr. Who's love of people that shows me the most GOD moments. He LOVES humans. He always believes they are worth saving, even when a "bad guy" (or a doubting good guy) comes along and thinks that the whole human race should be slaughtered/burned/destroyed. He finds us resilient and brilliant. He sees us as growing and overcoming. And he finds every little thing we do delightful. Just like a heavenly parent would.

Even that which others feel are huge flaws in humanity doesn't sway him. He is enthralled, enamored & delighted by humanity. He approaches every one and every place and every thing with such joy and enthusiasm...oh, don't get me wrong, he has serious moments. Teaching moments. But it never detracts from the fact that these humans are amazingly brilliant, evolving into better beings whom he revels in.

And that is how I see GOD. However you define that word. Whether it is that old man in the white robe with the long beard, or the Buddha in lotus position or Allah in the heavens, or the intelligence or energy that moves and lives through every being in the universe...GOD is delighted with his created beings. He revels in them. He thinks they are brilliant, and getting ever more brilliant by the year.
Yes, they have issues. GOD loves them anyway. Yes, they fall down, then GOD delights when they pick themselves up and find another way over/under/around/through their issues. Oh, if we could only see us in the light of that divine Joy.

Thank you, Dr. Who, for portraying that so brilliantly. There will never be another Dr. Who like you in my estimation. You are utterly amazing...


greyone40 said...

An interesting observation. I have not seen the latest versions of this Doctor, so I can't say how different they are now.
When I was watching him back in the eighties, he was certainly a friend of us humans. He never used weapons or killed anyone, generally, so it was different than most heroes. He is of course smarter than anyone else around him.
He does not live forever, but can regenerate 12 times. He has more than one heart, I can't remember how many.
The Tardis that time lords use can appear to be anything. The Doctor's always looks like a telephone box because his illusion generator (or whatever) got stuck.
If you can catch some of the earlier Doctors I think you would be impressed. It is a children's show according to design. I liked some of the stuff in the adventure called The Aztecs, which was the first adventure after the pilot show and The Daleks.

Dracona said...

I've been a fan of Doctor Who since I was 3 years old and grew up with the older Doctor Who. I must admit the 10th Doctor (Tennant) absolutely revels in how "brilliant" and resourceful humans are.

The older Doctors had a huge soft spot for Earth and humans and they were his favourite companions. He enjoyed their company and how unpredictable and interesting they are. He looked after them, insuring they didn't make themselves extinct or someone else didn't either. He fought anyone who would rule/control/hurt Earth and humans in particular.

The Doctor is a Time Lord.... a master of Time and Space. He has 2 hearts, 14 lives (13 regenerations) and is currently just over 900 years old. There's a lot of correlations I agree... and to see ourselves as brilliant, and amazing, and capable of coping and adapting to anything, can't be a bad thing :)