Thursday, December 23, 2004

More Differences...

Bethany, my oldest daughter, the child whom people have said is just like me, is so different from me that sometimes it startles me.

First is the way she looks at work. She is supposedly desperate for a job, yet she won’t leave her house for a ICT Open House to get one on the excuse that her father is coming that night and she must clean her house.

Then there is the drinking. Joey, her next door neighbor, is a recovering/fallen alcoholic and she is going out drinking with her and Tamara tonight. I would NEVER take an alcoholic out drinking. Sigh. We have such profound differences, it’s amazing we get along so well.

Politically we are closer now than when I was an ultra-right-wing conservative, yet she will always remain more liberal than I am, I think. Possibly simply because she seems to have always been this way, at least since we left the Baptist church.

My children are so unique. So special. So DIFFERENT. I am constantly amazed by them.

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