Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Prayer

Dear Father/Mother God,

Once again we come together to celebrate the birth of one of your beloved Sons. Although it says in the Bible that Jesus was the "only begotten" we know from Jesus' own teachings that we are all your sons and daughters. At this time, and in the New Year to come, we vow to continue moving into the "greater things" that Jesus promised. We are the strings on your violin. We are the holes in your flute. Lord, play beautiful music through us in the unique ways each of us expresses it.

Beloved God, we ask a special blessing for our planet Earth. May each soul be lifted into the awareness of Your Presence. May the leaders of this world realize that there is no separation between one another and between us and You. We ask that your Light pour into the hearts and minds of those making decisions. May their decisions be peaceful. May new, abundant, clean energy be made available to heal the environment. May healthy food and fresh water be made abundantly available to all. May people put aside their political and religious differences and recognize that every Muslim, every Jew, every Christian, every Hindu, is an integral part of You. None are any more or less than your beloved children.

Lord, let our hearts and minds be fixed on You. Let our actions be of the highest possible level. May we live your truths in this world. May our bodies be free of disease, decay, illness, aging and death. May our emotions be freely expressed in healthy beneficial ways. May our minds be filled with peace. May our souls be filled with the knowledge that all is unfolding according to Your Perfect Will. It is so and so it is!

Amen. Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai, Sebayoth!

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