Tuesday, December 31, 2002

New Years Eve

The last day of the year. Time flies when we are trying to make ends meet.

So much we want to do in life...so little we really find the time for.

How is it that some people accomplish so much? Why do I seem to lack the drive others do? Like Gram, sigh. Even without the benefit of a decent education, she owned her own businesses, her own homes. She raised her family and helped with Bill and I and with grandfather John's children. Gram, you are AMAZING. I love and admire you SO MUCH! Did the men in your life help you with the housework? I have no clue. I only remember Vern. I am SURE John helped you but I am not sure about any of the others in your life.

My grandmother makes me feel like such a whiner. GRRRRRRR. How do people do this whole life thing? Why am I so unable? So inadequate?

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