Wednesday, January 1, 2003

New Years Day

Personal Goals:
1. Attend church more often (at least 2 times per month)
2. Find more ways to relax and have fun.
3. Lose weight: Get under 200 (Guggle/Phase2 - Carb Blocker)
4. Make healthier choices (Food/Exercise/Relationship)
5. More Prayer and Meditation

Work Goals:
1. Less chatting
2. Study for A+ Test
3. Stand against the negativity (ritual/prayer)

In a life where nothing ever changes and everything stays the same, my sense of discouragement causes me to become impatient and snappy. I hate being so impatient, it makes me crazy. And then Jon gets snippy with me. So what I am asking of myself is NOT complaining and NOT getting impatient about it. Writing helps some, but not enough. How does one ENDURE the sameness of life without breaking? How does one REALLY accept the endless servitude f their life so that it's TRUE ACCEPTANCE without the root of bitter resentment? I'm not sure I know how.

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