Thursday, May 3, 2001

Hello ladies!!! I am at work. Today was tough. Michael stayed home sick which made me hyper-sensitive while sleeping. People banged on the door to give us a tract. The postman banged on the door to give us mail. The school called and Sean had an accident and needed clean clothes....So I got ZILCH for sleep. Fortunately Jon knew about this and let me take a 2 hour nap before work!!! But then I didn't get to eat lunch so i am STARVING. I stopped and got a salad on my way to work which I will eat in a few minutes.

I had ordered (on my daughter's recommendation) a Susan Powter work-out tape (Lean and Fit or something like that) and I watched it today. Whew. Talk about working up a sweat!!! Often when watching people lead a workout I notice they don't EVEN break a sweat...not this woman!!! What a powerhouse. I discovered when my husband got home that he's intimidated by Susan Powter!!! I about laughed. He thinks she has some political agenda for women to take over the world (and why not we should ask). Too funny. And I also got a beginner Tai Chi tape I had ordered a long time ago. So I am set in the things to do for fitness area. Now if I could only find time...

And last but not least the rosaries I ordered for my sister and her significant other arrived. Just a little late for her birthday but oh, well. I will send them out tomorrow. A productive mail day!!!

Hey guys, do I have a cute smiley face at the bottom of my posts like at the bottom of yours?

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