Saturday, May 12, 2001


This morning when I came home Jon was intensly angry. He made vague hints as to why he was intensly angry but didn't come right out and say what was making him angry. And I....simply ignored him. I didn't buy into the fight (because I had no clue!!!) And he SLAMMED out of the house. After that I checked my email and viola!!! In my email was a message from him to remember to pick up his cigarettes on the way home. Instead of sending this message to me at work so I could see it before leaving, he sent it to me AT THE HOUSE!!! So, he was angry because I didn't bring him home his cigarettes that I didn't know to bring!!! I about laughed. It was SO STUPID. Anyway, I am so glad I didn't escalate with him. Maybe I was just tired...maybe I am learning? Whichever, thank you GOD!!!!!

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