Thursday, April 15, 2010

Separation is a funny thing...

You don't realize, until you are in the midst of preparing for it, which triggers will cause sadness and tears. For me it was place mats. I was going through our place mats, the ones for fall, for Christmas, for all those special "family" occasions, to give away on Freecycle. I sat and rubbed them and cried for 20 minutes.

Today? Today it's the Tardis. Husband and I had just re-watched "The Silence in the Library" Dr. Who episode, where River Song has a leather journal that looks like the Tardis. In it she seems to keep all her "knowings of" and "doings with" The Doctor (who hasn't met her yet in this episode, so she cannot share said knowings/doings...she calls them "spoilers").

All of a sudden I wanted one, so I googled it and sure enough there are leather facsimiles out there if you can afford them. I can't at the moment, so I decided to draw the Tardis on the back of my new journal. I think I did a splendid job, so I took a photo of my drawing and went to send it to all my friends...starting with my husband...and there's where the sadness took me over again...because, see? Most of my friends wouldn't know what a Tardis was in the first place, let alone understand why I was possessed to draw one on my journal. Only husband. I am bereft...


Grace said...

Is the picture at the top the one you drew? If so, wow, that is fantastic, you are amazing!!!

I know what a Tardis is, I watched the original Dr. Who, loved it when the guy who was Tristin form All Creatures Great and Small was the Dr. Boy that was a long time ago.

I am sorry that you are feeling bereft right now. I send you hugs.


MysticBrit said...

Amazing indeed!

I can't get enough of Dr Who - I remember William Hartnell! - and the new one is a variation on Tom Baker, and shows great promise. You can enjoy the stories on so many levels, and they never fail to get me thinking and laughing out loud, often at the same time!

Soul hugs from one Mystic to another:)

MysticBlueRose said...

No, this is a photo off the web. I took the picture of the Tardis I drew with my phone so can't post it here. Will take one at home with camera and switch out photos.

jayiin mistaya said...

I'll admit that having a group of friends who wouldn't know what the TARDIS is, on site, is kinda odd to me.

Then again, I'm a professional geek - the webmaster for a comic store. All my friends are proud weirdos.

I'll also admit that I don't know much about you, other than what your daughters have told me (and according them, you are The Most Awesome.)

I don't really know much about your separation, either.

But if it's hurting you so much...isn't there a way to avoid it, to find a way to stay together?

It may just be my ignorance speaking here, though. If so - I am sorry.

greyone40 said...

I know exactly what a tardis is too. I am not familiar with any of the doctors after Colin Baker, but it seems that the series has changed quite a bit since then.