Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quote from a Forum I am on

On a microscopic or metaphysical level, the bad stuff in human essence or spirit which causes sin is the stuff that won't get in (to heaven). I've seen enough discussion here to know that this notion will be pretty universally (no pun intended) agreed upon by most here, but I reduce the equation further by suggesting that behind every bit and piece of suffering in this life, behind the motorcycle accidents, the stubbed toes, broken hearts--in any content of human suffering--Christ is working in the parallel dimension of the soul's being, making constant 'course corrections' in human spirit (with carryover effects in mind, like its proressive movement away from evil and toward good, and the experiencing of discomfort from the process) maintaining spiritual life in innumerable tiny deaths and rebirths in the ethereal fabric of spirit. In other words, I suspect literally all suffering is related to an equal work in the spiritual realm of death and rebirth. This death/rebirth of falsity in spirit in its restoration to truth (life) appears to have direct correspondence to affliction experienced in time and space...

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