Friday, August 10, 2007

I read a book this week...

shock right? but seriously...i want to tell you about the book because it was one of those life-changing, heart mending kinds of books that one so rarely finds these days. the book was so profound that i am afraid to recommend it to you because i have recommended books in the past and i feel that you might say, oh, geez, she's recommending another book, sigh...but let me try to interest you...

i doubt that i am the only human being on the planet who has trust issues. with people and because of with people, ultimately with GOD.

i doubt that i am the only human being on the planet who has ever wondered, pondered, questioned or debated the problem of evil in the world.

and i doubt i'm the only person in the world who has been through horrendous, soul breaking things in their lives...

this book is for us. every one of us who has ever wondered, pondered, argued, debated, or anguished over the questions of "does GOD really love me" and "how/why is there so much evil in the world"?

i promise you, if you read this book, you will have your heart both touched and healed. maybe not 100%, but you will come away with such wonder and such a grasp of "why" that full healing will have begun. it will challenge you, intrigue you, make you cry, make you laugh, make you feel like maybe, just maybe it could make it through to the end no matter how difficult it seems to read. it will be worth it. i promise.

the book is called "The Shack" and it's by William P. Young. i recommend this book with all my heart. and i intend to read it again this weekend.

i'm sending this to about 100 people and 15 egroups. i'm sending it to a few people who don't read my emails, don't like me very much, maybe 1 who hates my guts. doesn't matter. the book is too important for petty human issues to get in the way of someone reading it. don't NOT read it because of any issue you may or may not have with me. just like i want you to not dismiss it simply because it came from me therefore it must be irrelevant and/or trivial. so often our perceptions of each other stand in the way of us reading or seeing or experiencing so many great things in life. i, for one, don't intend to let that get in my way with recommending this book.

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MysticBlueRose said...

The author of the book wrote me!!!!

Hi there,

I wanted to jot you a note and thank you myself for all the wonderful warm and encouraging words you are sharing about the book. I just love what is happening to all this and to the people who whose lives are being cracked open by the gentle but firm embrace of Sarayu, and you are part of this whirlpool that only Papa is big enough to stir and the cool, or what?!!

So, thank you, you are sweet and precious...I just know,
'willie' (Paul)

Willie (William P Young)