Friday, October 21, 2011

From my October 21st, 2011 Journal Entry

Thinking again of: "If you can't say anything POSITIVE, don't say anything at all" do I train my mind/mouth to make this connection and put it into action?

I think this will require a mental overhaul/mind rewiring/rerouting! Internal positive focus...

Acceptance is passive, not a positive focus. Just sitting back & allowing life to wash over you is not positive focus. The river of life eddies and flows and often RUSHES over/around me and mostly I simply allow it. So this analogy is how I deal with life pretty much all the time now. This ins not a very interactive/proactive way to live. It mostly works for me, but perhaps, is why life often feels like it's not working for me?

Some people have life goals and a life map of how they intend to get there. These people have a chart or a list of mini-goals set up along their life way.

I've never really been "goal-oriented" in my life. Except for my goal to have children, I really didn't set any goals in my life! Even in that one goal: have children, I didn't take into consideration that to achieve that goal, I'd probably have to find a husband and get married. LOL

I "wanted to be" or "desired to be" a librarian, for example, but did not have/make a plan & life washed me along and instead I went to Kinman and became an office admin and had those children.

Then a new relationship flowed into my life and I switched streams, had another 2 children and continued to let life wash me along.

It is this mindset, I think, that makes it difficult for me to follow through in ANY field of endeavor. I am GREAT at wanting/desiring to achieve goals, but I am LOUSY at follow-up/follow-through!

This is part of what hinders me from keeping a clean house. I start out great guns, but a week or a month or a year later, I slack off. This is why I've been doing dishes the MINUTE I get home so I don't let the house/kitchen slide one day! It would disrupt the flow of diligence! And, I'm hoping this "learning diligence" that I'm working on in the house will help me be diligent in other areas (like health/eating/exercise).

SO...if the goal is only speaking positives: HOW would I structure goals for my mind to get from here ----------------------------> to there?

Focus thoughts on positive things. Find positive things to meditate on. Gratitude journalling again.

Maybe I want to be consumed/obsessed/ least with focusing on the positive. Hmmm, search out...find the positive in every situation...

GOD = Love = Positivity & uplifting encouragement & is life sustaining...Hard to grasp when you see GOD as mind/energy? Maybe not.

The energy of GOD supports & sustains every living thing positively in love. The air we breathe = positivity. The earth we live on = positivity. The water we drink = positivity. All from the mind/energy of GOD.

So to meditate on positivity and love is to meditate on GOD.

So then, another question, can a person be focused and laid back? Driven/committed and at peace? Loving, kind, compassionate, accepting WHILE being focused on the positive in life/self/others/world?


Raymond said...

"Driven" and "at peace" are antithetical in our feminine-suppressed/left-brained world. Such a person would not be a type-a go-getter crazy with zero patience and always cutting to the chase. All my experience with Driven people has been in business and they're not my favorite people to deal with. to be in business both driven and at peace you'd have to be having the same level of accomplishments and successes but going about it with the grace of a ballerina, not the staccato bovine-ish movements of a NASCAR driver.

Debra Masters said...

I truly don't think I want to become driven. Can a type C personality turn herself into a type A personality? I don't think so. I'm striving for more focused, I think. Mostly musing about how not driven I am in reality. LOL

greyone said...

Self discipline can be very tough. I think you touched on an important aspect, which is to practice amaking good habits. Then doing the right things will become more of a second nature.
I have found a lot of good stuff by reading, and digging up some of the gems of wisdom from history. We are made in a certain way, and the world is made in a certain way. Whatever the purpose is, which we may understand much of or little of, we can act rightly and we will do well. That is, we are not fighting against our nature, but working in harmony with it. Our intellect and spirit is supposed to guide us, not our passions and emotions. So when we feel an urge to act on emotion (mostly anger) we do bad things. I find a good piece of advice is to recognize these situations, and stop what we are doing until we are once again in order. This can be a mattter of minutes, or a matter of months. It's like the oft given advice on the death of a loved one, to not make any serious decisions for a while, as our reasoning is affected by the event. Some people can recognize and set aside such bad inner influences, and I believe this comes with both learning and experience. My best advice for myself is, if I am feeling angry, don't say anything. Let it pass and then analyze the situation with a cool head. Perhaps by purging the bad behaviours, we can make the good that is already there more apparent?