Friday, April 1, 2011

Of cars and dreams and other things...

2 years ago this summer (2009), our son, Sean, went in for his 3rd open heart surgery and my husband's work allowed us to use the car for the 2nd week he was in the hospital. We fell in love with the vehicle, not just because we hadn't owned a car for a year and a half, but because it's sleek, comfortable, a smooth ride and fits us all and groceries!!!

From then till now, we've been allowed to use the car almost every payday to go get groceries. And we've continued to appreciate the luxury of using it and the dream of owning it someday.

Well that dream came true this week...The husband's company decided to sell their cars, and we were allowed to buy the Subaru.

Along with the blessing of owning a vehicle, comes the responsibilities of car ownership...transferring the title, buying tires (because the studded ones are still on it and it's only 6 days till we have to have them off) and worrying about insurance.

I WANT to be elated. I want to relax into believing we can pull this off...but mostly? Mostly I'm worried....


Elaine said...

Oh Deb, this is really wonderful, do try not to worry, but enjoy your good fortune instead :)

Claudia Neely said...

After my Feb. car accident, we bought a used subaru forester - it is a wonderful car. Even the kids aren't scared on ice now!


MysticBlueRose said...

Enjoying my good fortune, Elaine!!!

Awesome, Claudia!!! It has awesome reviews/safety ratings!!!

Anonymous said...'s been a hectic week...month, and it appears it will be a hectic year. I am just getting around to reading this.

Debra, God has provided you with a car! A CAR! And all you are thinking about is how to do this that and the other! Stop focusing on yourself and focus on God! Be grateful. He has provided a car, don't you think he can provide tires? And insurance?

[I could have said refocus, but that would not have conveyed what I really meant! :-) ]

Sorry, I can't remember my google password so I haven't a choice but to post this anonymously. LOL