Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My vision from GOD

given in 1999...I thought I had put this in my blog before, but evidently I had not:

Danny had one of those lives you wouldn't trade yours for, for love NOR money. His childhood made my childhood pale by comparison. And adulthood hadn't been that kind to him either. He'd married, had one son, and his wife had run off with his son. He hadn't been able to see the boy very often after that. On the night in question, he had just found out that his son (now 14) had died and been buried two weeks prior to him being notified...he should NOT have been at work this night, but he thought it would help him keep his mind off of things. Maybe, but he was also (as well he should be) distracted, so his performance that night was off. He kept making mistakes he normally would not be making. Our team lead was on his case all night over the mistakes. And then, toward the end of the night, he took him to task in front of several staff members, one of whom was me.

As I was standing there, watching him be "taken to task", all I could think of was his anguish over his son. He didn't say a single word during the tongue lashing, just stood there looking kind of sad and broken. And during this time I saw a light shine down on Danny, and then his chest rolled back and I could see his heart (well, a heart, but it looked crystal, blue and red)...his heart had many cracks in it from hurts in his life. It even had small chunks out of it as if parts had broken off from major hurts in his life. And then I heard a voice that said: "Be careful of the heart of man, you never know when YOUR words will break it."

This vision would come to revolutionize the way I saw people. It began to change me even that very night, but it didn't work it's way totally through my being for a couple of years. And, so, I just wanted to share this vision I was given, in case you needed to hear it too...

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