Monday, May 18, 2009

On Break from the Y...

People flock to the part today, enjoying sunshine after a looooooooong snowed-in winter. The inland gulls squawk, begging for food. The ducks & geese glide by on the river. the sky is bright blue, fading to white.

I can hear the carousel music in the background and the clang of the small part tour train. The conductor's voice crackles from the headset microphone he wears.

The weeping willow tree beside me has tiny leaves, heralding the arrival of spring at last.

The faint taste of the Godiva 72% dark chocolate truffle I just ate lingers in my mouth.

The sounds of children are alll around me, mostly joyful, but a few tears. Strollers abound!

The air is crisp and cool. Some still have winter coats on - others shorts and flip flops! I've seen a half dozen musical instruments, and a plethora of skateboards, scooters, bikes and dogs.

We let out our collective breath in joy and celebration as we dare to believe again in Spring.

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