Sunday, August 30, 2009


OMG here I am doing another post on girlie girl stuff!!!! What is wrong with me lately? :oP

OK, there is this woman on my bus...I have ridden the bus with her for about 2 years now. She is the queen of accessorizing, I kid you not.

Her shoes always match her bag. She has never ONCE had a bad hair day. Often, when she gets on the bus, she opens her bag and takes out the earrings and necklace (and sometimes bracelet or arm bangle) that completes her look. She utterly baffles me.

I have 5 piercings. 3 in my left ear, 2 in my right. I have worn the same 5 earrings for the past 2 years. Until July of 2008, I had worn the same silver cross that my husband bought me the first Christmas we were together. I never took it off. I wear the same silver rings every single day. Each one means something specific to me. I never vary my jewelry routine.

This makes me some kind of oddity in womanhood. I have friends who have sworn they are going to "teach me how to accessorize," but we never get around to it, and besides, it wouldn't matter. They'd lay it all out, show me "the way" and tomorrow I'd have on my same stuff.


Because I don't care. Someone really has to care about their looks/appearance to be that into accessorizing, in my opinion. I barely stop at the mirror long enough to swish a brush through my hair. I cannot imagine the time involved in accessorizing.

A: You'd have to buy stuff. An utter waste of time/money, imo.
B: You'd have to coordinate the stuff with your clothing (did I mention I wear jeans, every single day, blue or black, that's it?)
C: You'd have to take the time every morning to put the stuff on. Did I mention utter waste of time? I barely have time to do my Qigong in the morning and check my email. And if you tell me to get up a few minutes early to choose coordinating earrings/bangles, I'll slap you silly. Do you not know how important sleep is?????

OK. Enough about this accessorizing stuff. Don't get me wrong. There is a part of me that looks at this woman on my bus every day and marvels. I admit I'm sometimes a tad envious of her obvious good grooming and ability to juggle color/coordinates/jewelry/bags/shoes. But evidently not enough to want to BE like that.

I'm content just to be the me I am. Non-accessorized as it is.


WeavingmoonDreams said...

I should point out that you would put out your accessories the night before. However, I also wear the same earrings daily and three silver rings. I love that your rings mean something to you. Mine do as well. I wear a ring my boyfriend gave me on the middle finger of my left hand; it has his name inside, I think of him when I look at it. On the right hand ring finger I wear two, my mother wore most of my life that I can remember. I think of her when I look at it. The other, she bought me when I was 15 as a pledge. The pledge didn't work out so well, but she still loves me and I think of that love when I look at it.

Arizona mom to eight said...

I cannot manage it, when I get a favorite bracelet, I wear it until it falls off in pieces, I wear one ring and never wear necklaces because Amanda pulls them off or breaks them. I love clothing, but I wear the same things over and over too. I think the having to be beautiful thing and to be perfectly coiffed has passed me by. I rarely see myself in the mirror, I comb my hair without looking to see how it looks. It is the 50 thing?

MysticBlueRose said...

I've always been this way. But yeah, when I had smaller kids I was even worse for the reasons you say. They would pull stuff off and muss my hair anyway!!!

MysticBlueRose said...

I have to tell you that my "accessories queen" had a bad skirt day today. When she got on the bus, her khaki skirt was "askew". The pocket that should have been on her right hip, was on her right butt cheek...the split that should have been in the center of the back was over her left calf. I am assuming she got it together before work. It was comforting to realize that she, too, is human. :oP