Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Jon's Birthday...

Jon's birthday was anti-climactic. We had spent Sunday at Golden Corral with Carole and Harold, Don and Terry, Penny and Jake and Sharon. Then off to Sharon's house for cake, ice cream and presents.

I received an angel pin from Carole, earrings and a wind up church from Sharon, and a manicure set from Don and Terri. It was lovely.

Jon and I also received a $100 gift card to JC Penneys. He wanted to look for a TV but they no longer carry them so instead we bought a new sheet set (light blue), a new comforter (dark blue and light blue plaid) and 2 new king size bed pillows, plus a small soft purple pillow for Jon's naps on the couch in the computer room.

Then, on his actual birthday, we did nothing (even though I took the night off, sigh). I mostly was his gopher for his lunch, coffee, drinks, etc. He got up at 7:30AM and was on the computer playing DAOC until 2:30AM the next morning. 19 hours of gaming! And then, REEKING of cigarette smoke, he crawled into our bed, between the new sheets...HUGE SIGH...where I had been since 10:30PM. He said it was a great birthday though. To each their own....

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