Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We are trying to raise money to move!!!!

My son's fiancé is living in a very unstable place for her where she was supposed to be out by the birth of the baby. We've managed to get more time given to us, but it is a matter of weeks before she has to begin sleeping on other peoples couches and dragging the baby/stuff along with her.

My son is also in a very difficult living situation and could be asked to leave at any moment.

Today, a government sponsored apartment house that we are on the waiting list for, called me for an apartment coming open on the first of September!!! We need to raise the $120 application fees in 24 hours. The rest (first/last/deposit) we have a couple of weeks to raise.

The rent is $700. We need first/last and a $700 deposit. Plus enough to rent a truck and put gas in it to move all 3 of us from 3 different parts of the city. Plus the application fees.

I have been unemployed for 5 months which puts us in a huge bind. Before that my son, his fiancé, and their baby girl, Bethany-Rose, born August 2nd, and I were going to move in together. All that was shelved when I lost my job. We had hoped I would get another job more quickly than I did, but it took longer...I am starting my new job on Monday, August 8th. I will not even see my first paycheck until the first week of September.

Thank you for even considering helping us!!!

Update: We have raised the application fee!!!!!

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