Saturday, January 5, 2013

Four's been four weeks. It feels like a lifetime.

The quiet no longer jangles my nerves as much as it did. I play a lot of music and the cat helps.

The apartment is coming along. Most of the big stuff has been figured out and I've combed thrift stores on and offline to supplement the furniture I brought with me so that I create a "homey" feel.

I look back at that picture of my kitchen table in the house that I loved and my heart aches...but I don't live there anymore...that kitchen table sits in a different room now, where I play games with family and friends when they come visit. I rarely eat there. Who wants to sit at a big table alone? Only when family/friends come to visit. Then the kitchen is full of the hustle/bustle of "family" and the table is where we all gather and talk and laugh. I like those times...

The cat is still twitchy. Not "every little noise" anymore and not the growling she did at first (I swear I thought I'd brought a puppy with me and I wish I'd recorded her growling it was so funny), but that every big move I make/every loud noise outside jumpy kind of twitchy. At the house she often slept on my hip, now she ALWAYS sleeps on my hip.

We are getting there, she and I...slowly but surely, whether we want to or not.


Bethany Lehman said...

You will settle in nicely! Some of my favorite times in my home are the times when there is bustle and laughter and talking over a meal coming together. From that spot you will build community and heart family as we have!
Love you muches, Momma!

Harry said...

Love will continue to flow through you, as you, and your heart will expand in different ways. And the cat will help lots too:)

Debra Masters said...

Agree. It will become whatever passes for normal. The cat keeps me from being totally alone, and she entertains me!!! Add friends and stir for a great year!!!