Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've started a Newsletter...

And I'm posting my first "test" newsletter here as well as sending it to friends:

One of the things I realized when my Dad got sick, was how we all seem to think we have all the time in the world, and we get out of the habit of staying in touch. Not all of us, I realize…some of us use technology to keep in touch with chat, email, texting and even calling…but some of us let time just drift and in doing so, we drift apart in some ways. So, I decided that I would try to do a monthly newsletter as Sean and I take off on this new adventure of living apart from Jon and with Jeremy, Tamara and Wyatt…
First off, an explanation…Jon and I had a very rough 2009 into 2010. By the end of January 2010, we had argued ourselves into a corner we didn’t see a way out of, so we decided to separate. Jon intends to use this time to “find himself”, to enter more into the Buddhist path and to meditate.
We will continue to see each other, while not living together, in order to decide if there is any reason to continue the marriage. Since the decision to separate, we have actually talked through many things and could, conceivably, stay together; however, Jon’s need to figure out who he is remains, so the separation will happen as planned. He will be finding an apartment to live in, seeking to find a 2 bedroom in case one of our sons needs a place to stay somewhere down the line, but taking a 1 bedroom if that is all he can find. The separation officially begins the last week of June. I intend to get a truck and move things the weekend of the 18th/19th of June.
At Jeremy & Tamara’s, Sean will have his own room in the basement. It’s bigger than the room he has now, thankfully. He intends to make full use of the empty walls to hang his posters and his anime scrolls. J
I will be in the former guest room at the back of the house, with doors that open onto the back yard. Jeremy went to a great deal of trouble to rip out and refinish the floor in my room in this gorgeous bamboo. I am so grateful & I love how lovely it looks.
We will share a living room area in the basement, to the right of Sean’s room. It is a small, cozy area in which we will put our love seat (along with Tamara’s love seat), 2 end tables, our television and my computer desk/computer. My computer will be on the wall against Sean’s room. Sean’s computer will be inside his room on the same wall. In essence we will be “facing each other” although we won’t be able to see each other because of the wall. J
Sean will remain in North Central High School, and will walk the extra 6 blocks to his school bus stop. I will be taking the 23 bus downtown, probably, instead of the 24, but other than that, my busing will remain the same. Jeremy & Tamara only live 6 blocks from us, so the move isn’t a huge distance.
Ok, so this is our first newsletter update, coming up to the move. Expect another one after we get settled!!! Hopefully I will manage to update you at least once a month, more if something exciting occurs!!! Hopefully you will find a way to keep in better touch also!!!

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