Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From a Discussion on Peace

i don't think prayer works without working on what you are praying for. what good does it do to sit at home (or in the woods/church/ synagogue/ temple) praying for peace when you don't live peace? think peace? DO peace? lobby for peace? vote for peaceful ordinances?

revelation isn't a book about the end of the world, by the way. not a road map of the end times. it is an apocalyptic code book for the end of the jewish temple system and the complete domination by rome. only mankind wants to take that and superimpose it on our concept of how the world is going to end.

the world isn't going to end. people are going to focus on peace, live peace, think peace, do peace, lobby for peace, vote for peace, march for peace in ones and twos, in threes in fours, in masses of thousands and hundreds of thousands until they get what they seek.

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