Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I was asked some questions today...

here is the question(s) put to a group i am on with a bunch of other women:

I have a question. Every day we see more and more of conspiracy theories and the like, every company has it's own view, every politician has a view, every individual has a view, drug companies sell this, news media sells that, vote for this guy, don't vote for this guy, this person profited from this, this person profited from that, buy this and be healthy, don't eat this or you will die young, use this product, oh, wait that product causes cancer, genocide in the Sudan, riots in Kenya, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the bad economy, kids being thrown off over passes, murder/suicides, etc etc etc. My question is how do each of you deal with the over powering negative impute into your head? Are any of you into meditation? Do you do something that keeps a focus of positive in your soul? What do you do to filter the world? (guess that was more than one question)

and here is my answer:

first i stopped studying the book of revelation. i was into that end times theology and all that entails so big time it was creepy (tri-lateral commission, bildebergers and all of that). that doesn't, however, mean i stopped believing that we aren't running the world. we aren't. it's an illusion. what it meant was i stopped believing i could do anything about it and i stopped worrying about that part. plus i came to believe (through studying and prayer) that we have been taught this book all wrong and that helped!!!

second, i stopped watching daily news. i almost OD'd on news after 9-11 and it almost drove me into a death depression i couldn't see light from. after 6 months of it i stopped watching AT ALL. now i can watch an occasional program of news.

third, although i love a good political debate as well as the next man/woman, i know nothing i believe about any candidate makes one iota of difference on the real level. i vote anyway because no one who doesn't vote has a right to complain about the politics of our country . so i vote KNOWING that ultimately my vote doesn't mean much.

fourth, i read...a LOT. widely differing viewpoints. all the time. because of this there are certain things i know, even if i can't prove them. big pharma owns the medical system in this country. their bottom line is NOT health, it's disease. they don't need you well, they NEED you sick. they push drugs like no big-time drug pusher i know and they do it legally. they KILL people on a regular basis and get away with it. i shun all drugs that i can because i want to live. this is going to get harder to do as time goes on. they have that much power. (aka the coming forced vaccinations we talked about before).

on foods and disease: anyone who has studied any nutrition knows that fruits and veggies are the best way to stay healthy. all the nutrients are there for us to use. processed foods kill us. very simple stuff here. meat in moderation. if you can't bear the thought of dead bambis and moocows in your body then be a vegetarian. humans complicate things so much. sigh.

news in the world: sudan, darfur, kenya, war, kids microwaved and/or dropped off of bridges, or raped/molested...those are harder. ultimately we have no control over these horrific things. does that mean we ignore them? no. not for me. i can't and be me. i have a notebook (a prayer notebook) that i put things in and i consciously pray for people/situations. i journal. sometimes i journal and then i burn it. (depends on how intense). i sign petitions. if called upon, i march. if i have pennies i send them. (i research charity organizations reaching out in the areas my heart hurts the most over and i send to the best i can find). in the spring/summer/fall i walk. walking meditation (i.e. praying or screaming or crying out to GOD/universe) releases more of the good hormones that help us to cope AND to resolve issues within ourselves.

i believe that most people are just good people at heart, trying to struggle along in a world that bewilders them. i try to treat each person that way. smile. say hello. we cannot change the world. but we can, in our own little corner of the world, be a light. we may light up just one other light. but that light will light another and together, one light at a time we can take back our world. not on a political level, because that will take a revolution. but grassroots, as we all tap into the great divine collective consciousness, living the light of GOD/the universe/divine THROUGH us into the world, we can change corners, blocks, then subdivisions then cities and eventually the light of the kingdom will spread throughout the person, one connected person at a time.

wow...look at me...the die-hard realist to the point of cynicism. and if i can get here, trust me, you can too.

meditation is good. i'm reading a book on zen christian where i'm learning to count the breath. i'm buying a yoga for unfit people book so i can learn to stretch more and maybe get more flexible and strong. i believe that before the grassroots gets connected enough, it's going to get rougher, so i want to be centered and stronger to face/deal with whatever life throws at me. i'm studying homesteading (even though i don't own any land) in hopes of knowing how to grow things if everything crashes around me. and i'm storing seeds for that eventuality.

we do what we can. where we are. with what we have. our best is all we have to offer. so it has to be "enough".

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