Sunday, September 30, 2007


was in chat with Rob tonight and he wrote a poem on Exhaustion:


Laying back in the arms of my chair
I feel exhaustion wondering if I can bear
Bear the painstaking tasks that come
I want to hide I want to run.

Exhaustion came at the end of the day
I need to keep the debtors at bay
They want my blood, they want my soul
I am too weary to hold my bowl.

I am so tired, I can't sleep right now
I can't raise a smile, I wish I knew how
To be in exhaustion all of my days
I work and work come what may.

For what purpose do I sow these seeds?
Is it for self, is it for greed?
I ponder this question that arises
How many days will be full of surprises?

Finally rest does come to my weary bones
Each muscle aches and I can't condone
Condone the thoughts of giving in
To the lazy side of me that wants to sin.

I don't want to curse God for making it so
Difficult to comprehend the sorrow and woe
The day is long, my back is wrenched
How can I entertain what is meant?

Meant to teach me endurance, holding on to faith
That the day passes quickly, and it's not a race
Each person hits their peak and falls into valleys
A tired worn out soul, exhausted wants to tarry.

When sleep finally comes to this exhausted soul
Resting in the arms of God, I reach my goal
To receive some peace and comfort there
All my days I'll forever be aware.

That God is with me every which way
He turned me loose and denied the grave
Thank you Lord, I am resting in you
I feel your love and I know others do too.

Rob Hough 30/09/2007 12:04

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