Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Universalist Ramblings

To be a Universalist is to live in a narrowly populated place. Why, LORD, is it easier to believe GOD will send most people to eternal, unrelenting, horrible, burning torture than it is to believe GOD will reconcile all "men" to Him? Are we so pathological that others have to suffer torture to make us feel "more Christian"? Is our concept of the justice of GOD warped & twisted by some kind of blood lust? Ar we so insecure in Christ that we "NEED" to almost relish the thought of millions, nay billions, of souls, lost, trapped & tortured for all eternity? We cannot seem to rest enough in HIS grace to allow it for others.
Grasping Grace!!! We seem to need to grasp it as if there wasn't enough to go around! We must hoard it and not let it touch anyone who might "sully" GOD's grace. WAIT!!! That means ME!!! I would sully GOD's grace!!!
OH NO!!!
But GOD knew in his infinite knowing that every human being - on their own - would sully, muddy & dirty the world with sin. And that's why CHRIST died for us. For ALL sin, in ALL of man, in ALL ages. IN SPITE of their unbelief because our belief is ever imperfect; but HIS belief, HIS love and HIS grace are ever perfect and infinite, washing sin from the world. A virtual, constant, unending RAIN of Grace on a broken, hurting and lost world.
See, receive, absorb the grace raining down upon you! Feel the Grace! Know me through my Grace & Mercy & Love...Be still and KNOW.

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