Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tom Edlin

I cannot BELIEVE Tom Edlin. We got out of training yesterday at 12:15PM and ON THE WAY HOME he told me he had traded shifts with Tom Hill. So I don't have a way to work on Monday. This after I made SURE I was scheduled at the same time as he was. I was so upset I almost cried. I did cry later. I felt like this was so inconsiderate. How could he not tell me until it was too late to find a ride????? ARGH.

Then I get home and try to find a ride. No luck. Jeremy has to work. Tamara is too overwhelmed by life. Michelle isn't working that day and no one has Tom Hill's phone number. I will have to take the last bus out and sit for 2.5 hours before my shift. THIS SUCKS.

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